1. Grain Trait Evaluations – nutrient enhanced grain, grain samples taken for analysis
  2. Herbicide Sensitivity – sensitivity of crops to different herbicide applications of your choice
  3. Genetic Seed Traits – testing of innovative seed technology traits and effects of different insecticide treatments
  4. Population Trials – different population plantings and effects from soil differences to drought and high yield areas
  5. Timing Trials – effects of different planting dates
  6. Nematode Trials - includes sampling for nematodes
  7. Needs and Expertise Analysis – we are hear to meet all your research needs, anything you need done we can work out the details to get you the exact data you are looking for
  8. Insecticide Trials, Fungicide Trials, Plant Health Trials, In-Furrow Trials, Foliar Trials, Seed Treatment Trials, Crop Destruct, Grain Samples, Plant and Root Samples, etc...
  • Prices start at $450/entry replicated 4 times @ 4 rows 30', 50', or 80' long
  • Additional required data will be quoted upon request
  • Let us know what you want done and how you want it done and we will take it from there.